Please, don’t say that.

Please, don’t say that.

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I had a conversation with someone who said, "I thought graphic design was just something you do." We were interrupted before I could answer, but it made me think. 

Magazines, billboards, memes, books, movie posters, videos...those are everyday things you see while driving to work, going to the movies, or cruising through your social media newsfeed. The reason you see those things is because there was someone, somewhere with an imagination and a creative eye and hand to match.

Graphic designers create visual concepts which communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate. We develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, books, and even corporate reports and presentations to name a few. We can do it by hand or by using computer software. 

That PowerPoint or Prezi you had to sit through at work? A designer created the theme.

That animated movie you watched with your kids? A crew of artists and illustrators brought the idea to the screen (along with a slew of backers).

The magazine you flipped through at the dentist's office while you waited for your name to be called? Someone designed the layout and edited the photos.

The phone, tablet, or laptop you're using to read this? Someone had to draw the concept.

That app you use to edit your photos on your phone? Someone had an idea and used their creativity to bring it to fruition.

The house or apartment you're living in? An architect either drew it out by hand or used software like AutoCAD to lay the groundwork.

The propaganda posters and yard signs we see during election season? That politician either had a designer on their team or outsourced.

That Snickers you ate yesterday? Someone designed the packaging.

The Louis Vuitton label you're wearing? Someone designed the logo.

That episode of Love & Hip Hop you just watched?  Someone had to blur the faces of people who prefer not to be identified.

Have I gone far enough? No...

Engineers, architects, creative directors, painters, front and back-end website developers, photographers, animators, illustrators, fashion designers, stage designers, and film editors. All of the people working in these fields, while part of different industries, are under the graphic design umbrella. We inspire, inform, and captivate our audiences with our work.

So don't tell me graphic design is just "something you do". We bring ideas to life. 

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