About Kelli


1. I’m thankful for the gifts of ideation, creativity, and strategy. Those gifts are the reason I’m able to do the work that I love.
2. I could eat pizza every day. From pepperoni to spinach alfredo, except anchovies. How can people eat them out of the can, much less on a pizza?
3. I was baptized and joined my first church at age 26 on 10/10/10. 
4. At age 4, I fell off a horse and into the mud after a rainy morning. At age 16, I was tackled on the sidelines while photographing my high school’s football game. I received a round of applause for surviving the tackle, but not the mud.


One thing's for certain, I'm made to serve others using the gifts and talents that I am privileged and honored to have. How is it possible that I was deemed worthy by the Most High? I have no idea, and I'm glad I can be of service to others.

I've been a designer since 2000 and have extensive experience with print and digital media, including publishing books and journals. I'm with my clients from beginning to end on their projects. I also do contract outsourcing for organizations who require my services on a more regular basis.